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Human-Centric AI

At Mill Pond Research, our mission is to forge human-centric solutions that equip enterprises with the innovative tools they need to prototype, test, and deploy Private AI to rapidly drive business growth and revenue.

Faster to Market

We deliver solutions to market for our partners that capitalize on the advantages of your data, build greater context for your business when you build LLMs, and ensure that your data is always secure and stays private.

Deeper Cost Controls

Unlike other services, Mill Pond Research does not incent you to build models that are too big for your needs, or too expensive for your wallet. Our “Day Zero” modeling means you build up from your needs to the optimal solution that matches your business solutions to your expenses.

Easier to Implement

Because our human-centric solutions are based on how you work today with the data your already have, we don’t require massive business transformation or process changes in order to get to market quickly and start driving revenue and growth with the employees you have.

Our Solutions

At Mill Pond Research, we offer a range of intelligence-as-a-service solutions customized to meet your needs. Our flexible engagement models allow you to get started with AI in a way that aligns to your budget, timeline, and business goals.

Toolbox (AI Tool)

Leverage our experts to enhance your intelligence strategy and increase returns on investment.

  • AI Add-On: Attach a managed intelligence system to an existing business solution to automate customer service, provide information, or create dynamic experiences.
  • Consulting: Strategic guidance on AI best practices, insights on emerging trends, advice on AI implementation, and technology recommendations.
  • Custom Project: End-to-end development and implementation of your intelligence solution, with on-demand access to our specialized team.

Workbench (Multiple AI Tools)

For organizations exploring AI, our main product provides an introduction to intelligence capabilities without a major investment.

  • Ask Alpha: High-Performance LLM Suite - expand your personal capabilities, become more productive, empower yourself with the ultimate business toolkit.
  • Prompt Engineering Workspace for Business Teams: A complete conversational AI solution including models, prompts, characters, analytics, and support.
  • Actionable Insight Database: Interactive database that combines company + customer data into an AI-ready format.

Sandbox (Private AI Tool)

For organizations who are already familiar with AI within their organization but are looking to tier their data security and privacy levels across Private and Public AI.

  • Data Tiering: Understand the implications of your data, what is being exposed on third party servers, and where you can find additional context and insight with different RAG and AI engines combinations.
  • Cost Optimization: Work with our “Zero Day” environment to build up to the minimum external data necessary to go to market, and understand the storage and compute costs.

We invite you to connect with us today to explore our service offerings and identify the solution that best addresses your organization's unique challenges. Our team of professionals is eager to assist you in leveraging the power of intelligence for your business.

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About Us

Founded in 2023, Mill Pond Research is the creation of brothers Andrew and Pete Shimshock. With a driving ambition to harness the transformative power of large language models and AI technology, we offer bespoke and innovative business solutions tailored to your organization."Mill Pond," our moniker, is a tribute to a tranquil family haven. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to steer our clients towards their own "Mill Pond".

Pete Shimshock: Bringing over a decade driving digital innovation, transformation, and immersive experiences for major brands. After winning the prestigious CODiE Award in 2023 for his work on bespoke digital experiences for organizations like Amazon, Salesforce, and all of the US Armed Forces - Pete now leads our client success team - overseeing all client engagement and human-centered product strategy at Mill Pond Research. He holds an AI Product Management certification from the AI Product Management Institute of Silicon Valley.

Andrew Shimshock: On the technology side, Andrew leverages his academic training in data science and practical experience at NASA Ames Research Center developing IT systems for classified advanced aerospace applications. With a deep understanding of security best practices, integration expertise, and a can-do attitude Andrew leads the backend architecture and technical development of Mill Pond's AI solutions. He is currently completing his MBA at Santa Clara University.

Together, we uphold the conviction that AI will assist in the optimization of human potential and render a lasting societal impact. Through our blend of proven technologies and pragmatic creativity, we equip our clients to tap into the transformative power of artificial intelligence, thereby enabling them to envision and achieve their lofty ambitions. All of our systems to be model agnostic - to evolve with the ever-changing technological capabilities of the latest technologies.

We are passionately devoted to unraveling the complexities of AI, making this transformative technology both accessible and actionable. We invite you to partner with us and discover how AI can propel your organization past its business objectives and towards unparalleled success.

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